Powderhorn Elementary school opened in the Fall of 1994. The first principal of the school was Mr. James Burke. When Powderhorn opened it was the largest elementary school in the Jefferson County public school system. Over the last twenty years Powderhorn continues to be one of the largest elementary schools and continues to maintain the reputation as a excellent, high achieving neighborhood elementary school. Powderhorn is a PBiS school where the staff and students live by the tenets of Safe, Respectful and Responsible actions, words and behaviors.

Powderhorn is a part of the larger Dakota Ridge community and family. Over the years there has been a deep connection between Summit Ridge Middle School and Dakota Ridge High School, as all three schools are separated by one mile. We share a deep sense of community and that is apparent in the dozens of shared events and resources.

Students at Powderhorn over the years have participated and continue to participate in the many school offerings: Choir(largest elementary school choir in Jeffco), Musicals, Science Fair, Colonial Trip to Virginia, Day in Denver, Jog-a-thon/Panther Prowl, Dakota Ridge Homecoming Parade, Book writing club, Veterans Day Assembly, Revolutionary Reenactment, School News, Mother- Son Corn Maze, Student Council, Yearbook club, Reflections and Art Competitions, Band & Orchestra, Panther Book Club, Father- Daughter dance, Run Club, Boy & Girl Scouts,Talent Show, etc...

Powderhorn Principals over the years have been: Mr. James Burke, Dr. Diane Proctor, Mr. Michael Freeman, Mrs. Jennifer Carroll, Mrs. Denein Cusack, Mrs. Barb Boillot, Mr. Bob Wedel and currently Dr. Tom Szczesny. It is through the strong leadership over the years that have maintained Powderhorn elementary school as an elite school.

We welcome all to join the Powderhorn Family and become part of the rich and vibrant history of the school!

Powderhorn view

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